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Bayer CropScience acquires licence for Ariadne's Pathway Studio -

Bioinformatics firm Ariadne Genomics, Inc., US, has announced that Bayer CropScience AG, Germany, has licensed its Pathway Studio platform with the ResNet Plant database to supplement its plant stress reactions research. In particular, the company will use Pathway Studio for gene expression analysis of plant and fungi data. ResNet Plant is a pathway and molecular interaction database for plant researchers to be used with Pathway Studio pathway analysis software.

Pathway Studio Enterprise includes functionality to import and analyse microarray and proteomics data, and includes the Ariadne ResNet database, a collection of interaction data retrieved by MedScan technology from PubMed and open-text journals. In addition to the ResNet Plant database, Bayer CropScience has licensed Metabolic Vision, a bacterial and fungal pathway database by Integrated Genomics distributed by Ariadne and compatible with Pathway Studio.

Pathway Studio is used worldwide as a comprehensive solution for the analysis and searching of pathways and molecular interaction information, according to the company. Ariadne offers desktop and enterprise editions of Pathway Studio which are supported by several commercial and publicly available molecular interaction databases including ResNet Mammalian and ResNet Plant. Pathway Studio is powered by MedScan Technology, which can be used to edit and enhance database content from the current literature and from experimental data.

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