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Best Practice Database supports Bio-Pharma M&A Integration with new publication -

Pharmaceutical research firm Best Practices, LLC, US, recently published a study titled 'M&A Integration Excellence: What Bio-Pharma Companies Need to Know', in its on-demand benchmark repository, Best Practice Database. Bio-Pharma executives are increasingly finding value in the research products and services offered by Best Practices, LLC, in particular the Best Practice Database. Membership to the database provides full access to all content as needed, and includes services such as new research alerts, invitations to participate in topical new studies and ongoing advisory services to address research needs.

Best Practices completed the new study utilising benchmark metrics and executive insights to assess current trends and future directions of bio- pharmaceutical M&A activity and keys to obtaining asset value through optimal integration.

The study, which included such influential companies as Pfizer, Lilly, Johnson & Johnson and Abbott, revealed that managing cultural issues was both highly important and extremely difficult to optimise. Integration experts discussed methods for managing such issues through proper planning and execution as described in the study report. A complimentary summary from the full study is available online at


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