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Biochemical Society Launches EDI Survey 2023 to Foster Inclusivity and Diversity -

The Biochemical Society is inviting responses to its EDI Survey 2023, which aims to gather insights on equality, diversity, and inclusion in the molecular biosciences community. The survey results will help the Society identify gaps and barriers that hinder inclusivity and work to address them.

According to the Society's statement, it is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive environment for its community. The survey will enable the Society to tailor its practices and engagement activities based on meaningful feedback and data.

The Biochemical Society's 2022 EDI survey feedback has already impacted some decisions, such as the refreshing of the nominations process for committee, panel, and board positions to encourage diversity in decision-making across the organization. The Society has also introduced guidance notes for its governance bodies, including inclusive meeting practices and accessible communications.

To ensure the survey generates information that fully reflects the experience and expertise of the molecular biosciences community, the Society is urging its members and followers to take a few minutes to complete the survey by the deadline of noon (UK time), Friday 2 June 2023. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential, with a summary produced for the Society's EDI Advisory Panel and Council of Trustees and made available on its website.

The Biochemical Society sees the survey as a crucial step in fostering an inclusive and diverse community that will benefit both the organization and the scientific community as a whole. The survey results will help the Society create an inclusive environment and increase access to opportunities in the molecular biosciences.

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