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BMJ Best Practice and HEE shortlisted for HSJ Partnership Awards 2021 -

'Evidence on Demand: Best Practice Bring Evidence to the Bedside' by BMJ Best Practice and Health Education England (HEE) has been shortlisted for Best Educational Programme for the NHS at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2021, recognising their outstanding dedication to improving healthcare and effective collaboration with the NHS.

The programme’s goal is to ensure all NHS staff have immediate access to clinical decision support from BMJ Best Practice to inform patient care and to help with their learning, wherever they work and whatever their profession or specialty. The educational programme has been shortlisted for an HSJ Award based on the positive impact the project has had on both health practitioners and patients.

Patients hugely benefit from the latest evidence-based medicine. Research breakthroughs are happening every day, providing routes to earlier diagnosis, better treatment options, improved outcomes, and faster recovery. However, keeping up with the latest evidence-based medicine is immensely challenging for a dedicated but overstretched NHS workforce, who are under increased pressure, now more than ever before with the COVID-19 pandemic.

BMJ Best Practice can help healthcare professionals do this with quick access to the latest evidence-based information to underpin diagnosis and treatment decisions. Updated daily, it draws on the latest evidence-based research, guidelines, and expert opinion to offer step-by-step guidance on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and prevention. All NHS staff can access BMJ Best Practice online and offline via an app and it can be integrated with electronic health record systems.

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