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Boopsie’s new AccessILS platform streamlines integration of digital and physical resources for libraries -

Boopsie, Inc., a mobile platform-as-a-service provider for libraries, has announced AccessILS™, a newly available Platform-as-a-Service that combines robust and responsive technology with innovative services to enable digital content providers to libraries and their users to easily and efficiently integrate their content with major ILS'. Aggregators, publishers and other content providers can now get their products to market faster, reduce costs, and provide a better user experience to worldwide library users.

AccessILS allows library industry content providers struggling with developing technology to integrate their digital catalogues with the legacy systems used by thousands of library systems worldwide to manage their physical catalogues. E-Content providers are using Boopsie's AccessILS to eliminate the cost and development time previously required to utilize legacy APIs for each disparate system, some of which are incomplete or outdated. Boopsie has performed over 1000 such library system integrations to date and has decided to make this Platform-as-a-Service available to its partners.

Available as a cloud-based service targeted at both desktop and mobile solutions, AccessILS enables platform level functionality well beyond the limited simple check out feature provided by other third party APIs including a single view of their digital and non-digital holdings; information regarding holds, history and patron information; integrated book cover imaged; full category search; and much more.

Additionally, Boopsie's team of experts work with content providers in the library industry to ensure smooth API deployment, enabling them to spend more time on critical business functions like selling, product development, and improving the user experience. For instance, the Boopsie team will work with libraries to determine technical requirements and identify the library's exact ILS vendor, version and feature set. Boopsie will then determine if the ILS module exists in its technical catalogue, and if it does not, Boopsie will build a new module. Boopsie also offers its mobile Platform-as-a-Service to libraries in need of better engaging their users with library-branded native mobile apps on all major mobile platforms.

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