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Brandon Hall Group awards O'Reilly for Best Advance in Emerging Learning Technology -

O’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, has announced that it was awarded a Brandon Hall Group silver medal for excellence in the Best Advance in Emerging Learning Technology category. The company was recognised for empowering tech-based workers to learn innovative technologies using its leading live and online learning experiences through O’Reilly online learning.

O’Reilly online learning offers one of the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning solutions available on the internet, with more than 60,000 titles and 30,000 hours of video learning content from the world’s foremost technology and business leaders. In addition to an extensive collection of books and videos, O’Reilly online learning provides its users with live online courses, interactive coding environments, certification prep with tailored practice exams, and expert playlists. Currently serving over 2.5 million members, O'Reilly online learning helps tech-focused workers ensure that they are properly prepared when it is time to face real-world situations that can affect their businesses.

O’Reilly’s newest feature, O’Reilly Answers, is helping workers meet some of the changing business demands. Powered by a natural language processing engine, O’Reilly Answers delivers contextually relevant excerpts and expert insight, pulled directly from O’Reilly’s rich library of content, to help solve difficult technical questions with results that can be quickly applied to work. This solution enables learning in the flow of work, so users can get the answers they need quickly, with minimal disruption, and get back to what they were working on.

All entries were evaluated by a panel of veteran independent senior industry experts, as well as Brandon Hall Group’s senior analysts and executives. Winners were selected based on the products’ breakthrough innovation, unique differentiators, value proposition, and measurable results.

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