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Brill announces 2010 journal prices -

Academic publisher Brill, Netherlands, has ceased price increases for certain subscription types in 2010. According to the company, the EURO electronic-only price and the US$ electronic and print price will not increase and US$ electronic-only price will decrease by 7 percent.

Brill has re-introduced the print-only option at 110 percent of the e-only list price for those customers that have not registered for online access. The combined electronic and print price is set at 120 percent of e-only. The introduction of this new pricing policy will allow Brill's customers to either freeze their expenditure on Brill's journals or even pay less by switching from combined electronic and print to e-only.

In addition, in response to requests from the library community Brill has decided to change its post-cancellation policy. Former subscribers will now maintain perpetual access to all volumes subscribed to since Brill content became available online (2000). Formerly such access was only guaranteed for 3 years after cancellation.

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