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British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery launches new bi-monthly digest for the global orthopaedic community -

The British Editorial Society of Bone & Joint Surgery has announced the launch of Bone & Joint360, a new bi-monthly digest for the global orthopaedic community.

Bone & Joint360 provides a snapshot overview of the most important developments in orthopaedic research and practice, drawn from the global literature and assessed for relevance and impact by an international panel of experts. The journal is presented in an easy-to-read layout that aids fast reading and easy absorption of information.

Bone & Joint360 aims to become an important tool in helping the orthopaedic community stay up to date and improve their knowledge. The journal's editorial board comprises some of the most notable names in the world of orthopaedic surgery. Working together, this network of thought-leaders distil the bottom-line clinical messages from the latest research, providing invaluable insight on new developments and highlighting potentially practice-changing findings.

Roundup360 is the main focus of the journal, bringing up to date on key developments specialty by specialty. The feature article in each issue highlights areas of general interest on a range of broader topics.

The Global View section displays a map of recent orthopaedic developments, and a calendar highlights key meetings and courses in orthopaedics for the coming months.

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