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Bulgarian Society of Cardiology's journal achieves Scopus acceptance -

The Bulgarian Society of Cardiology is celebrating a significant milestone as its official journal, Bulgarian Cardiology, has been accepted by Scopus, one of the world's most comprehensive literature and citation databases. The news, confirmed by ARPHA Platform's Indexing team, opens doors to global recognition and increased visibility for the journal within the scientific community.

Bulgarian Cardiology underwent a rigorous evaluation process at Scopus, meeting various criteria to establish itself as a valuable contributor to the field of cardiology. The successful evaluation highlighted the journal's commitment to maintaining impeccable peer review and editorial processes, its consistent annual publication volume, a high-quality and user-friendly website and infrastructure, strong international presence, inclusivity, and a substantial readership with notable citation rates.

With its acceptance into Scopus, all content published in Bulgarian Cardiology since 2019 will soon be discoverable and accessible through this renowned scientific publication database. Moreover, the journal's papers and their citations by authors in other Scopus-indexed journals will be meticulously mapped and counted to calculate the journal's Scopus CiteScore. Bulgarian Cardiology will be benchmarked against 367 journals in the Cardiology category, as indicated by data from SCIMAGO retrieved in June 2023.

The eagerly awaited yearly update of the journal metric, the CiteScore, will be released in June as per tradition. Scopus determines the CiteScore by counting the citations received by five peer-reviewed publication types, including research, review, conference, data papers, and book chapters, over the past four complete years. This number is then divided by the total number of documents of the same types published during the same period.

In addition to the CiteScore, Bulgarian Cardiology will also benefit from Scopus' unique metric, the CiteScoreTracker. This metric employs the same formula as the CiteScore but calculates the current publication and citation performance of a journal based on available data at the beginning of each month. As a result, the journal receives a new Scopus CiteScoreTracker value every month, serving as a preliminary forecast for the next Scopus CiteScore.

The acceptance of Bulgarian Cardiology by Scopus marks a significant achievement for the Bulgarian Society of Cardiology and reinforces the journal's standing as a reputable publication within the cardiology community. The increased visibility and recognition gained through Scopus will further enhance the dissemination and impact of the journal's valuable scientific research and findings.

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