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Cambridge University Press announces massive expansion of Open Access agreements in the US -

Academic publisher Cambridge University Press is leading the move to new Open Access (OA) journals publishing agreements in the United States through an unprecedented expansion of transformative ‘Read and Publish’ deals.

The number of US institutions participating in such agreements will leap from 13 in 2020 to more than 140 in 2021 covering a diverse mix of organizations, including state university systems, liberal arts colleges, and major research universities. As a result, 25 per cent of US-originated research in Cambridge and society-owned journals can now be published OA at no additional cost to the researcher or institution.

The global landscape of academic journals publishing has undergone rapid change over the past decade and the recent move of several European nations and private funding bodies to mandate OA publishing from January 2021 will have global effects.

Publishers and institutions are partnering on innovative business models to support these developments, alongside the sustainability of the journals. One such model, the transformative Read & Publish agreement, pioneered in the US by the University of California system and Cambridge University Press, is now widespread among European institutions and set to significantly increase the global impact of European research.

Read and Publish agreements repurpose an institution’s existing subscription spend to provide opportunities for its researchers to publish their research OA. At European institutions where the Press has transformative agreements in place, an average of 70 per cent of researchers publishing in Cambridge journals are now choosing OA.

By comparison, no such comprehensive OA mandate exists in the Americas. In spite of this, OA advocates across the scholarly communications ecosystem have actively sought growth in OA to ensure US researchers can benefit from the increased impact it brings. As a not-for-profit university press, Cambridge University Press is ideally placed to collaborate with institutions in the US to drive forward a major step change in the amount of research that is openly available, as it has elsewhere in the world, and to affect real change within the journals publishing landscape.

Cambridge University Press sees Open Access as part of its mission. The publisher has agreements with almost 1,000 institutions across 34 countries.

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