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Cambridge University Press officially launches open research platform, Cambridge Open Engage -

Cambridge Open Engage, the early and open content and collaboration platform from Cambridge University Press, has officially launched and is now open to direct submissions from researchers.

Developed in-house and in consultation with researchers, the platform builds on the state-of-the-art technology behind Cambridge Core, the online home for the Press’s academic books and journals, to publish early and open research outputs.

These include preprints, presentations, working papers, conference posters and grey literature. All content is open and free to the reader, and free for the author to upload.

Research across all disciplines is welcome, excluding content with implications for clinical practice. Authors can easily share their research in advance of peer review and publication, share and develop it with peers and build an audience ahead of formal publication. Content is moderated before it is posted, to ensure that it is valid scholarly work.

The platform benefits researchers by offering discovery of early and non-traditional open research across disciplines, and by extending the cooperative benefits of conferences by offering a home in the scholarly record for conference content.

In addition, the Press is offering open research services via Cambridge Open Engage to organizations such as learned societies, research centres, institutions and funders. These partners will be able to access a range of services, including branded content, hosting for their communities, insights into trends and growth areas, and analytics across early and open research outputs within their organisation.

The first organisation to partner with the platform was the American Political Science Association, which launched its APSA Preprints service on Cambridge Open Engage in August last year.

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