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CCC launches Education Continuity License to enable remote teaching and distance learning -

Copyright advancing company Copyright Clearance Center, Inc. (CCC) has announced its Education Continuity License to enable creative approaches to remote teaching and distance learning made necessary by the pandemic.

Over the past several days, educators across the US have contacted CCC with questions about using copyrighted content and materials in innovative new ways to support distance learning. In response, CCC is coordinating with its community of rightsholders to authorise the use of their materials at no cost by educators as required by the pandemic during this time of emergency.

CCC is not delivering educational materials or content to educators. It offers this new license to authorise US school districts, educators, parents and others to make immediate additional uses of materials that they have previously lawfully acquired. The authorisation will run through mid-summer 2020, at which time CCC will work with rightsholders to assess whether an extension may be necessary. CCC will not collect fees from any party and will administer this service for no cost. CCC has posted a form on its website so that educators can look up participating publishers and record their use of lawfully acquired copyrighted materials. In just a few days, more than 40 publishers have agreed to grant these rights at no cost through this license.

As schools and educators quickly shift from in-classroom to in-home teaching, CCC is also providing regularly updated learn-at-home resources links on its homepage from a variety of educational publishers and content providers to help and support teachers and children.

CCC operates globally and has a well-established, detailed Business Continuity Plan as part of its rigorous SOC2 (Type 2) and ISO 27001 compliance programs. CCC is taking COVID-19 seriously and recognises that it has and will continue to cause substantial business disruption. CCC operations continue uninterrupted. Its products and services are fully available and global customer support teams continue to provide outstanding service. CCC has taken prophylactic steps to mitigate risk of infection and to provision for continuous, uninterrupted service.

CCC’s leadership receives a daily briefing, aggregating essential developments from numerous organisations including the World Health Organisation (WHO), CDC, local governments, and relevant health authorities. It will continue to follow expert guidance and implement recommendations as appropriate.

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