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CHORUS and IEEE to pilot a TechRxiv preprint dashboard service -

CHORUS will create a Preprint Dashboard and Reporting Service to identify related funders, datasets, reuse licenses, ORCID identifiers, and links to published articles on publisher sites and government public access repositories.

The preprint dashboard will aid in the discoverability of preprints associated with funded research – providing insight into where research is first being shared. It also has the potential to provide non-ambiguous links between the preprint and published research, researchers, and their funding.

Developing a dashboard service for TechRxiv content is a natural extension of the latest work on a CHORUS Preprint Dashboard and Reporting Service with ChemRxiv. IEEE is a long-standing member of CHORUS and welcomes the opportunity to work with them on this pilot project.

Both IEEE and CHORUS are not-for-profit organizations engaged in supporting discoverability in scholarly communications.

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