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CHORUS uses GetFTR to support open research audit process -

CHORUS, the non-profit membership organisation, is now using Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) technology to enhance their open research audit process.

CHORUS is applying the GetFTR API to automate the gathering and checking of key data on journal articles and conference proceedings from multiple publishers, supporting the organisation’s mission of advancing sustainable, cost-effective public access to content reporting on research funded by public organisations. For GetFTR, this means its technology is being used in increasingly innovative ways to support the discovery of research.

By using GetFTR to automate the metadata feed from millions of individual Versions of Record (the definitive version of a journal article), CHORUS is now supported in scaling the auditing of some of its largest publisher members, including the American Chemical Society, Elsevier, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis Group and Wiley. Additionally, GetFTR will enable CHORUS’ reporting to be more timely, as its auditing process gets faster.

GetFTR launched its pilot in December 2019 and has been welcoming new partners throughout its first year, building and evolving the service based on feedback from all sectors of the scholarly community. GetFTR’s primary purpose has been to increase the speed and ease of accessing research by making it clear which content researchers can access across different publisher and research platforms. As it integrates into the wider scholarly infrastructure, GetFTR welcomes new and innovative ways of using its API, just as CHORUS has done.

The GetFTR service is now being used by six publishers and eight integrating partners, including CHORUS, Dimensions, Figshare, Mendeley, Papers and the Researcher app.

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