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Clarivate releases reference management solution EndNote 20 for researchers -

Clarivate Plc, a global leader in providing trusted information and insights to accelerate the pace of innovation, has publicly released the new and enhanced EndNote™ 20, the reference management solution that enables researchers and students to efficiently manage their bibliographies and references when writing research papers and essays. EndNote 20 offers a modern and intuitive user experience, designed to allow researchers to focus on creating impactful research by streamlining workflows and simplifying time-intensive tasks, such as collecting and curating research materials.

Clarivate understands the need for researchers to collaborate regularly on a global scale. International collaboration for scientific authorship has grown rapidly: more than half of the articles attributable to any one country now have a co-author from another and complex authorship (many people from many countries) has continued to rise in the last five years. Researchers need to spend their time where it matters most such as collaborating with partners, producing research and developing high quality papers. EndNote allows them to search, organise, write, publish and share their research papers more efficiently, providing an optimal research experience with reduced time spent searching and managing research materials and formatting bibliographies. EndNote 20 supports over 7,000 bibliographic styles and a broad range of reference types.

For researchers, it is vital that they know the references they cite are impactful and relevant. First introduced in EndNote X9, EndNote 20 integrates citation reports from the Web of Science, enabling users to access core Web of Science metrics directly from EndNote 20. The Web of Science integration means researchers can also easily find the journals that best match their papers. Time-consuming workflows such as sourcing, organising and formatting citations become more efficient, freeing up users’ time to focus on delivering high-value research.

The new features from EndNote 20 include: improved search, expanded de-duplicating options, improved PDF reading and editing, and EndNote click integration.

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