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cOAlition S forms Advisory Panel to further develop the Journal Comparison Service -

An Advisory Panel has been formed by cOAlition S, comprising of publishers, librarians, library consortia, and funders to help further develop the Journal Comparison Service (JCS). The purpose of the Panel is to review the JCS Frameworks (Information Power and FOAA) and provide recommendations on how to improve the usability of the price and service data provided for those who procure publishing services while ensuring the data can still be delivered by publishers.

In addition to reviewing the Frameworks, the Panel will advise cOAlition S on any additional modifications that can be made to the JCS service to make it more useful to all stakeholders and promote its use amongst the relevant groups. The JCS is a valuable tool that allows stakeholders to compare the price and service data of different publishers when procuring publishing services.

All active users of the JCS were invited to apply to join the Panel, and the cOAlition S office appointed those representing different stakeholders in the scholarly communication ecosystem. The Panel is scheduled to meet for the first time in May 2023.

This move towards greater transparency in the publishing industry is a positive step towards improving the accessibility and affordability of scholarly publications. The recommendations made by the Advisory Panel will help ensure that the JCS service is as useful as possible to all stakeholders, including publishers, librarians, funders, and researchers. The cOAlition S is committed to promoting open access publishing and improving the scholarly communication ecosystem, and the formation of this Advisory Panel is a testament to that commitment.

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