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COAR seeks input on managing non-English and multilingual content in repositories -

June 6, 2023 - The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) is inviting the research community and stakeholders to provide their valuable input on 16 draft recommendations for effectively managing non-English and multilingual content in repositories. These recommendations, developed by a COAR Task Force, aim to offer guidance and best practices for depositing, managing, and curating multilingual and non-English language content in repositories.

Multilingualism plays a crucial role in fostering a healthy, inclusive, and diverse research communications landscape. Publishing research in local languages ensures that the public in different countries can access and benefit from the research they support. Additionally, it promotes equity among researchers who communicate in various languages. However, multilingualism poses challenges for the discovery of research outputs. Information seekers and researchers may have limited language proficiency, but they still desire access to relevant research regardless of the language in which it is published. Unfortunately, many discovery systems, such as Google Scholar and scholarly indexes, primarily provide access to content available in the user's language.

The draft recommendations put forth by COAR address this issue by defining good practices for various aspects of repository management. They cover metadata standards, the use of multilingual keywords, user interface design, translations, file formats, licensing, and indexing techniques. These recommendations aim to enhance the visibility and discoverability of repository content in multiple languages. They also provide implementation guidance for the repository community to ensure effective adoption and utilization.

To gather insights and perspectives from the wider research community, COAR has opened a public consultation period from June 1 to June 30, 2023. During this time, interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to review the draft recommendations and provide their input. COAR welcomes contributions from repository managers, librarians, researchers, publishers, and other stakeholders involved in scholarly communication.

By actively participating in the consultation process, contributors can help shape the final recommendations and ensure they effectively address the challenges of managing non-English and multilingual content in repositories. The collective expertise and diverse perspectives of the research community will play a vital role in developing comprehensive and impactful guidelines.

To access the draft recommendations and provide feedback, please visit the COAR website and engage in the consultation process. COAR encourages all interested parties to take part and contribute to this important initiative that will foster greater accessibility and discovery of research across language barriers.

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