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Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods publishes inaugural articles -

Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods recently published its first articles, marking a significant milestone for the open access journal. Cochrane, in collaboration with its publisher Wiley, is now able to publish a wide range of evidence synthesis beyond systematic reviews. The journal also features research articles on critical areas such as priority setting, consumer involvement, and research integrity, as well as methods research evaluating how evidence syntheses are planned, produced, and disseminated.

Editors Michael Brown and Ella Flemyng have discussed the scope and ethos of the journal in their launch editorial titled 'New directions beyond the boundaries of evidence synthesis'. They have expressed their hope that the journal will make a valuable contribution to the field by addressing the diverse needs of stakeholders.

Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods’ first published paper is a rapid review on the effect of pharmacological interventions for the treatment of people with post-COVID-19. The paper is an excellent example of the types of rapid reviews that the journal will feature. The authors of the paper, led by KM Saif-Ur-Rahman and Declan Devane from the University of Galway, worked closely with the World Health Organization to ensure that the review was relevant, timely, and focused on therapeutic questions that are directly applicable to healthcare decisions.

The launch of Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods marks a significant development for Cochrane and its stakeholders. By expanding its range of evidence synthesis beyond systematic reviews, the journal will be able to address a broader range of questions and contribute to the advancement of evidence-based healthcare decision-making.

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