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Compuscript launches new OA journal - BIO Integration (BIOI) -

The publications division of Compuscript Ltd has announced the launch of its newest open access journal, BIO Integration (BIOI). The journal represents a bold new step toward open science for the global medical community. The fully open access journal will allow for the rapid dissemination of multidisciplinary views driving the progress of modern medicine.

Scientific collaboration with industry is a major innovation driver in modern medical research, the long pathway from theoretical and technological innovation to clinical practice involves tremendous collaborative synergy. These collaborations are inevitably subject to challenges as interests, values, and aims often significantly differ between academia, clinicians and industry. A cross-disciplinary and multidirectional approach will increase the mutual awareness across the breadth of these communities and support the development of the next era of biomedical research.

Consequently, there is a need to build a high-quality interdisciplinary forum, and BIOI seeks to fill that niche. Aimed at bridging the gap between laboratories, clinics, and biotechnology industries, BIOI offers a cross-disciplinary platform devoted to communicating advances in the biomedical research field. Offering insights into different areas of life science. BIOI will encourage cooperation and discussion among scientists, clinical researchers and health care providers.

The name of "BIO Integration" comes from Chinese culture and philosophical thoughts of "harmony and cooperation". "B" refers to biosciences which is the foundation of modern medicine; "I" refers to Intelligence; "O" reflects the 'circle' created through the integration of academic communities. It is the inevitable outcome of social development that new things come into being due to the integration of things. The word "integration" conveys multiple meanings. It can be the integration of different countries and races; it can be the integration of different academic circles and research fields; it can be the integration of multiple means and technologies, etc. The journal's scope will be broad and dynamic, but always focused on supporting the advancement of biomedical science innovations from idea to practice, favouring papers that discuss theoretical and technological approaches to accelerating translational medical research.

As part of its mandate to help bring interesting work and knowledge from around the world to a wider audience, BIOI will actively support authors through open access publishing and through waiving author fees in its first years. Also, publication support for authors whose first language is not English will be offered in areas such as manuscript development, English language editing and artwork assistance.

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