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ConTech 2019 opens next week -

ConTech 2019 opens next week at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London. Scheduled to be held on December 5th and 6th, ConTech 2019 will be transforming content through data science, AI and other emerging technologies.

Opening Keynote on Day 1 will be presented by Andrew Anderson, Entrepreneur and Investor. Anderson will address how the reality of ‘Ai’ is different from the hype because of the meaning associated with it. Think ‘Augmented’ rather than ‘Artificial’ and you realise that the greatest potential is to be achieved through augmenting human intelligence. It’s no less exciting and it’s more accessible than you might think.

Debu Purkayastha, Managing Partner, 3rd Eye, will present the afternoon Keynote on the first day. Titled ‘AI, Content and Technology both now and in the future,’ Purkayastha will provide insights into how things have developed and the potential of these technologies, particularly AI and Data Science.

The closing Keynote for Day 1 will be presented by Ann Michael, CDO, PLOS, and Max Gabriel, CTO, Informa Markets. In this session Max Gabriel and Ann Michael will discuss how organisations can increase their data maturity level. This will be a pragmatic discussion of what works and what does not work and how success can be built upon a few key principles and practices.

Pat Chapman-Pincher, CEO mentor, speaker, strategist, futurist, will present the opening Keynote on Day 2. The Impact of AI on Society - Artificial intelligence has huge potential to make human life both better and worse. It can help us solve many of the currently insoluble problems that face us; it can also help us destroy our world. How we think about AI, how we manage its introduction, will make all the difference between harnessing technology for our benefit or letting it run away with our future.

ConTech 2019 will feature over 32 speakers from all over the world as they explore where we are today and what the future holds. See case studies, success stories, discussions and debates. The event will include eight networking sessions including a closing reception to share a glass of fizz or mulled wine.

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