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Content sharing at Springer Nature goes from strength to strength with SharedIt -

SharedIt was used by Springer Nature authors, its subscribers and its media partners to create over 7 million free sharable links to content in 2018. These links, which can also be shared on authors’ websites and on social media, were then used to view articles for free nearly 7 million times, significantly opening up access to research and enabling the advancement of scientific discovery.

The SharedIt service, enabling authors to share links to their work even if published in subscription journals, has seen a major increase in its use from 2017 when 2.5 million links were generated using the service.

The biggest increase came from subscribers to journals on who in 2018 shared nearly 3 million (2,950,795) links to research with non-subscribers, compared with just over half a million (504,671) links in 2017.

Nature remains the journal with the highest number of clicks from SharedIt links. In 2018, Nature articles were accessed 1.5 million times, providing researchers and members of the public via their media partners with free access to content published in the world’s most highly cited journal.

The tools that enable SharedIt are provided by ReadCube, whose industry-leading functionality enables sharers to make available final published versions of research papers in the streaming Enhanced PDF format. In addition to the full text of the articles, the Enhanced PDF provides hyperlinked in-line citations and figures, annotation capabilities, one-click access to supplemental content and figures and advanced article metrics.

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