CRKN calls for participation in 2020 Virtual Conference -

Following the success of the inaugural CRKN Conference in 2019, CRKN is inviting members, stakeholders, partners, and the GLAM community to participate in 2020’s event 2020 CRKN Virtual Conference, which will be held over the course of October as a series of online presentations.

The theme of the conference is ‘Access in Transition.’ Five sessions are included in the conference.

During the first week of October the conference will focus on ‘Access as a Value. The conference will be launched with presentations and discussions that explore the question of what access means in the rapidly changing research landscape.

The conference will focus on ‘Access to Research’ during the second week of October. Sessions will discuss how licensing and collections strategies can enhance access to research. Attendees will get a chance to learn more about data-driven analysis techniques, negotiation strategies and the future of open access.

The conference will look at ‘Access and Preservation’ during third week of October. The sessions will explore the challenges and opportunities of digitising, preserving, and providing access to heritage materials. CRKN will also hear new perspectives on working with library, archival, and museum collections with a focus on access and preservation.

Further, during the fourth week of October the conference will focus on ‘Access in Action’. CRKN staff, Board, and committee members will come together to provide updates on CRKN licensing activities, digitisation and preservation, partnerships and collaborations, and progress towards strategic objectives. Meeting of the members will be held on October 22, 2020.

The conference will focus on ‘Access in Transition’, during the fifth week of October. Sessions will focus on the global changes that have affected in 2020. From offering remote services during the COVID-19 pandemic to re-examining biases that are inherent within cultural and educational institutions, CRKN will provide a platform to share experiences and reflections.

Registration details, as well as more information about the conference sessions and virtual social events, including timing will be available in the coming weeks. Due to the exceptional circumstances faced by CRKN members, stakeholders, and partners, the CRKN Board of Directors will be waiving registration fees for the virtual event.

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