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Demand for relevant, in-depth, and necessary publications in the physical sciences continues to grow -

AIP Publishing, a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics, has released more than 20 titles in its inaugural collection of 40 new digital books due to publish by the end of the year. Since launching the books program in September 2020, AIP Publishing also released an Archive of more than 30 digitally remastered classic backlist texts, in partnership with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), available online for the first time.

Monthly readership continues to rise by an average of 40% per month, demonstrating the strong demand for relevant, in-depth, and essential publications in the physical sciences, reaching a global audience of researchers, practitioners, and educators in the physical sciences across North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. As with its readership, the collection’s authors are from all corners, including Fiji, Hong Kong, UK, Japan, Oman, India, New Zealand, and the USA.

The first collection provides foundational information to help readers maintain proficiency in their areas of expertise, attain knowledge about new subjects and topics, and learn new techniques for data collection and analytics through Principles, Methods, Professional, and Perspectives books. The Archive collection of historical books offer introductory and easy-to-read resources that enable educators to help students better understand essential subjects through hands-on experience and learning opportunities.

Titles in these collections offer a diverse range of topics including materials science, biophysics, optics and photonics, chemical physics, nanotechnology, condensed matter, mathematical physics, and applied physics and engineering. The latest publications added to the portfolio explore onshore windfarms, materials for batteries, optical communication, and synthetic solar irradiance.

Readers have an opportunity to explore the books before purchasing, with the first chapter available to read for free. The collection is accessible via institutional purchase or through an individual personal book purchase.

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