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Digital Science announces winners of its prestigious Catalyst Grant award -

Research industry technology company Digital Science has revealed the latest winners of its prestigious Catalyst Grant award: BPT Analytics, Intoolab and MLprior have been awarded a grant.

An international initiative to develop innovative projects and technologies The Catalyst Grant offers an award of up to £25,000 or $30,000 for concepts with the potential to transform scientific and academic research. Digital Science is well known for its engagement with the research community, and the grant supports ideas at an early stage of development, without the need for a complete business or development plan.

BPT Analytics is an online business intelligence tool for the pharmaceutical industry. The tool is built on top of an up-to-date database of life science companies, which tracks what they do and how they perform in the market. It follows the team’s already established and growing publishing platform, which features articles from leading pharma professionals and business leaders.

The early prototype of the analytics platform and database has already had good traction and Buvailo alongside fellow co-founder Dr. Oleg Kucheryavyi are looking to expand covering all major areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Buvailo believes BPT’s key strength is in its ‘extraordinary level of detail’ – as the tool clusters data about companies by numerous domain-specific parameters. They are looking into incorporating machine learning modules in the near future to help improve data mining and recommendation systems.

Intoolab is an artificial intelligence platform built for pharmaceutical companies and researchers. Its main feature, Tzager, an AI scientific tool which scours through millions of research papers, helps find causal connections and join the dots between papers that would otherwise take significant time. The tool has been developed in collaboration with a number of universities worldwide and a pilot has been completed at Aarhus University in Denmark.

The team behind Intoolab, based in London and Athens, believe Tzager has a unique approach which is ‘deeply needed in the field of artificial intelligence’. They intend to broaden Tzager’s knowledge and deploy more powerful servers using the winning grant funds.

MLprior is a tool which uses AI-based analysis to predict whether a scientific paper will be accepted at a conference. The co-founders behind the product, Denis Volkhonskiy and Vladislav Ishimtsev, have both been actively researching AI with a focus on creating new models and algorithms at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology for the past five years. They are joined by PhD students Nikita Klyuchnikov from Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology and Pavel Shvechikov from Higher School of Economics, who make up the four-person team.

The co-founders had previously created a system which predicted share price on changes in the news, but have shifted focus to scientific articles. They’ve constructed an algorithm for personal paper recommendations based on user behaviour and are now working on creating a unique algorithm for scientific paper analysis and prediction of acceptance at conferences.

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