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Dr. Brown refines focus of Liver Transplantation as new Editor-in-Chief -

The journal Liver Transplantation (LT) has reflected the science and practice of liver transplant professionals, which new Editor-in-Chief Dr. Robert S. Brown explained has always been a multi-disciplinary group of surgeons and hepatologists, intensivists, immunologists, pathologists, and others. When the journal debuted, with the title Liver Transplantation and Surgery, the publication reflected the major challenge in liver transplantation at the time — the surgery.

LT will take part in a New Year’s tradition and start 2021 with a new look. The journal’s January issue will be the first under the editorial guidance of Dr. Brown. An updated cover design and reorganised table of contents await readers.

Starting in January 2021, the journal will feature sections on: Liver Failure and Portal Hypertension, Waitlist Outcomes and Organ Allocation, Hepatobiliary Malignancies and Transplant Outcomes, Liver Surgery and Organ Preservation, and Peritransplant and Posttransplant Outcomes.

By increasing the journal’s engagement on social media, Dr. Brown and his team has doubled the number of the journal’s Twitter followers in just a few months. The followers are using the platform to introduce themselves to the liver transplantation community.

Dr. Brown selected a broad group of Associate Editors, Deputy Editors, and Editorial Board members to reflect the AASLD constituency. His editorial strategy prioritises review efficiency while maintaining high standards of acceptance.

As LT’s popularity has grown, its acceptance rate has become less than 15%.

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