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Dr. Nidhi Rohatgi appointed Editor-in-Chief for JMIR Perioperative Medicine -

JMIR Perioperative Medicine and JMIR Publications has announced the appointment of Dr. Nidhi Rohatgi, MD, MS, SFHM, as the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief for JMIR Perioperative Medicine, ushering in an era of expertise and innovation in the field of Perioperative Medicine.

Dr. Rohatgi, currently a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California, is a distinguished figure renowned for her impactful contributions to the Division of Hospital Medicine. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, having held significant roles as the Chief of Surgical Co-management for Neurosurgery, ENT, and Orthopedic Surgery at Stanford, and as the Co-Director of Clinical Research in the Division of Hospital Medicine. Notably, she is also affiliated with the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Medical Imaging at Stanford University.

Acknowledged for her seminal research articles on a pioneering model of surgical co-management implemented at Stanford, Dr. Rohatgi is a sought-after advisor in implementing similar care models globally. Her extensive publications in high-impact journals, coupled with her role as an invited speaker at numerous regional, national, and international conferences, underscore her influence and expertise in the field.

Not only recognized for her scholarly contributions, Dr. Rohatgi has also actively contributed to the Society of Hospital Medicine, serving on multiple committees and assuming leadership roles in national initiatives. Her involvement in various clinical trials and her accolades in research, quality improvement, clinical care, and teaching solidify her reputation as a leading figure in Perioperative Medicine.

Perioperative Medicine, a multifaceted domain drawing from a diverse array of specialties, benefits immensely from the wealth of expertise Dr. Rohatgi brings to her new role. With a vision to advance Perioperative Medicine through the dissemination of cutting-edge research, innovation, clinical practices, and education, Dr. Rohatgi's leadership promises to enhance patient outcomes and shape the future of this critical field.

JMIR Perioperative Medicine, under Dr. Rohatgi's guidance, is poised to be an essential platform, uniting a broad spectrum of specialists and disciplines to drive progress and deliver superior patient care. The journal aims to be a hub for the latest advancements in Perioperative Medicine, nurturing collaborative efforts to improve patient outcomes and transform the landscape of healthcare.

Dr. Nidhi Rohatgi's appointment as Editor-in-Chief for JMIR Perioperative Medicine marks a significant milestone in the field, heralding an era of innovation and progress in the quest for improved patient care and medical outcomes.

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