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Dutch academic repositories collection DAREnet integrated into NARCIS -

DAREnet, the network of academic repositories in the Netherlands, is now integrated into scientific portal NARCIS ( The website, developed by SURFfoundation, will now be part of NARCIS. The scientific portal offers, amongst others, access to tens of thousands of academic publications in full text. Special collections in the NARCIS portfolio include Cream of Science, showcasing prominent research from the Netherlands and the collection Promise of Science, accessing doctoral e-theses from all Dutch universities.

The main NARCIS section provides search for data on researchers, research organisations and current (or recently concluded) research projects at all Dutch universities and research institutes. One can also search the more than 2,100 datasets that make up the DANS Electronic Archiving System (EASY). This section also gives access to the full-text publications in DAREnet.

NARCIS is divided into three sub-sections - DAREnet, Cream of Science and Doctoral theses. In addition to these sections, NARCIS is updated every hour with the latest science news flashes from various sources, including universities and other academic information providers such as Intermediair, Science Guide and Elsevier.

DAREnet is an initiative of SURFfoundation, developed within the DARE-programme (Digital Academic Repositories). At the beginning of 2007 DAREnet was transferred to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).

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