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ebrary releases Integrated Scalable Information System toolkit -

E-book technology firm ebrary, US, has announced the first release of the Integrated Scalable Information System (ISIS) toolkit, which is now available to select pilot customers.

ISIS is a modular, flexible, and scalable JAVA-based system with application programming interfaces (APIs) for extending the functionalities of existing repositories of PDF files. With ISIS, organisations can easily submit content that has been scanned or born digital, whether it is books, journals, reports, handbooks, annual reports, legal documents or any content in PDF. Also, they can instantly create a highly interactive database that integrates with other online resources. The system runs on the customer's servers, behind their own firewall, giving them complete control and ownership.

Additionally, ISIS features compelling tools to enhance the end-user's experience and improves information accessibility. Key features and benefits of the ISIS Toolkit include local content and DRM control; local user management; collection management; user interface customisation; automated maintenance and monitoring; local logging; remote collections; and customised metadata.

ebrary aims to provide the most flexible and affordable way for libraries, corporations, and other organisations to acquire, share, and distribute information, while offering the end-user the tools they need to use that information. Its product suite now consists of the ISIS Tookit, ASP services, and subscription and perpetual access collections of e-books and other authoritative materials from more than 300 leading publishers.

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