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EBSCO Information Services announces suite of resources for business studies from Harvard Business Publishing -

EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has announced the release of Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) Resources for Business Studies, which includes the new Harvard Business Publishing Student Success Package. The resources provide unique content to support business students to prepare them for the business world and success in their future careers. Additional resources from HBP may be bundled with the HBP Student Success Package to create a complete suite of resources for business students.

The Harvard Business Publishing Student Success Package includes foundational text essential to students’ business knowledge, case studies to prepare for their careers and tools to build lifelong soft skills. Core Curriculum includes 76 readings covering the foundational concepts, theories and frameworks in business studies. Subject areas include finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, operations management, sales, ethics, leadership, international business, strategy and more. The readings are authored by faculty at Harvard Business School and include a Teaching Note document to help instructors gain insight into the case, related course materials and exhibit slides. Teaching Notes are available at no cost to all educators with a free educator account at

HBS Select Case Study Collection offers a curated selection of more than 2,000 Harvard Business School case studies, selected by editors from Harvard Business Publishing, that guide students through the current workplace and prepare them for a successful career. The case studies provide real-world scenarios and commentary to help students examine issues related to the business world. Students gain the perspectives and context they need to examine issues such as navigating changing workplaces, managing teams and career growth.

Also included in the HBP Student Success Package is HBR Ascend, a digital learning resource from Harvard Business Review. Built on a mobile-first platform, the tool is uniquely designed to help young professionals build soft skills with videos from industry leaders, podcasts with real-world applications, full-text articles from leading journals, infographics to engage and inform, and bite-sized modules for sequential learning. Subjects include jobs and careers, personal growth, working smarter, managing and leading and being happy at work.

Additional resources from Harvard Business Publishing are available to provide a complete suite of business studies resources, including Harvard Business Review E-Book Subscription Collection. The collection includes HBR’s complete catalogue of more than 600 e-books including 400 monographs plus newly published e-books and seminal works. Business students gain valuable insight from the wide range of subjects including business communication, decision-making & problem solving, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources & personnel management, leadership, management, marketing, organizational behaviour, strategic planning and more.

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