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Ecological Society of America appoints Juan C. Corley as Editor in Chief of Ecological Applications -

The Ecological Society of America has announced the appointment of Dr. Juan C. Corley as the Editor in Chief of its journal Ecological Applications. In his new role, Corley will lead Ecological Applications in publishing research articles from across the biological and ecological sciences. Ecological Applications showcases ecological research with broad applicability to management, policy, and governance of the world’s ecosystems.

Corley is a professor at the Ecology Department at the Universidad Nacional del Comahue in Bariloche, Argentina, and Head of the Insect Population Ecology Group at the Institute for Forestry and Agricultural Research, a joint facility run by CONICET (the National Institute for Scientific Research of Argentina) and INTA (the National Institute for Agriculture and Livestock Research). A biologist from the University of Buenos Aires, he works with a technician to install an experiment to study Allee effects in invasive forest insects.

Corley is strongly committed to improving the links between ecological concepts and application. His interests are focused on acquiring a better understanding of the processes driving the population dynamics of insect herbivores and invasive species which threaten food and fiber production, especially in a globalised and rapidly changing world. His most recent publications reflect his concern with the patterns that describe forest insect invasions as well as on how behavioural and population ecology can influence invasion success and affect pest management.

Ecological Applications publishes research and discussion papers that integrate ecological science and concepts with their application and implications. Of special interest are papers that develop the basic scientific principles on which environmental decision-making should rest, and those that discuss the application of ecological concepts to environmental problem solving, policy, and management. Corley begins his tenure January 1, 2021.

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