Editage partners with ReviewerCredits to offer peer review training and author services -

Editage, a science communications brand by Cactus Communications (CACTUS), has announced a partnership with ReviewerCredits, a spinoff company endorsed by the University of Milano-Bicocca. Through this collaboration, Editage and ReviewerCredits will launch a service platform that will cover key areas such as reviewer education, English editing, manuscript formatting, and translation.

ReviewerCredits is a unique platform that aims to reward the contribution of peer reviewers to the publication process via global recognition and tangible benefits. Individuals can file peer review claims for over 23,000 journals worldwide through ReviewerCredits. Each claim is verified prior to being added to the database, creating a highly reliable, globally available repository of reviewers along with their review history. Moreover, scientists can keep track of the talks given at conferences, which are indexed in the first unique database of this kind.

Published authors can sign up for either the basic or advanced course based on their level of exposure and expertise. While the basic course will help in gaining perspectives on how expert research methodologists and statisticians approach peer reviews, the advanced course will let the author deep dive and gain knowledge from the assessment and feedback modules of the course.

Editage has served close to 371,000 researchers, doctors, and scientists across 191 countries and has transformed over one million papers across 1,200 disciplines. The partnership with ReviewerCredits is one of the many initiatives undertaken by Editage to improve the global science communication process.

To view all services offered under this partnership, visit reviewercredits.editage.com.

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