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EDP Sciences announces author name change policy to support more inclusive publishing -

EDP Sciences is committed to supporting and protecting the rights and identities of all authors in line with the principles guiding informing the Committee on Publication Ethics’ (COPE) working group. EDP Sciences has therefore introduced an author name change policy that offers two options for altering an author’s identity on published papers in order to support anonymity for authors with a need for privacy.

EDP Sciences authors can now change their name on their article(s) without the need for a publication correction. Co-authors will not be notified, and there will no requirement to submit any proof or supporting documentation. It is, of course, the author’s choice if they do or do not require a formal correction.

For authors who do not require anonymity, co-authors will be contacted to advise them of the change after reaching an agreement with the author. When the author's name is altered, a correction notice will be published.

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