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customer support launches new online community to explore eBooks for K-12 education -, a professional social network for the education community, has announced the launch of a new community 'Exploring eBooks for K-12'. This is a forum where educators and industry executives can connect and collaborate together to discuss the evolution of this new technology and its potential for use with students and in the classroom.

The 'Exploring eBooks for K-12' Community is sponsored by Neal Goff, the founder of consulting firm Egremont Associates and former president of Weekly Reader. The community has already acquired over 130 members. These include teachers, superintendents, librarians, media specialists, principals, technology directors, publishers, educational associations, and more. Members are also joining from around the world.

The community is already engaged in an active dialogue projected to help all members gain a better understanding of the opportunities, needs, and obstacles in adopting eBooks in education.

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