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eLife partners with Open Knowledge Maps to upgrade visual research discovery platform -

eLife has announced a partnership with fellow non-profit Open Knowledge Maps, which runs the world’s largest visual search engine for scientific literature, to improve the service’s technology platform. This is the latest collaboration under eLife’s Innovation Initiative, aimed at supporting open-source projects in the research discovery and communication space.

With eLife’s backing, Open Knowledge Maps will improve the serviceability, reusability and structure of its platform while maintaining current functionality. The aim is to make it easier to introduce new features, which will in turn help improve the growth of the organisation’s community of contributors.

eLife and Open Knowledge Maps have come together through their common commitment to speed up research dissemination and curation. eLife was started in 2011 to challenge the status quo in science publishing. Towards this end, the organisation has established a highly respected open-access journal and is committed to the use of open-source technologies for accelerating the discovery, use and consumption of new research.

On a similar line, Open Knowledge Maps is dedicated to improving the visibility of scientific knowledge for science and society. Its website allows users to search for scientific topics within various disciplines and create knowledge maps from the results. These maps use machine learning and open bibliographic data to provide an instant overview of a topic, linking to relevant papers and concepts that are related to the search.

eLife and Open Knowledge Maps invite technology developers to find out more about the software architecture of the tool, as well as the upcoming upgrade and how to contribute, in this blog post.

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