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Elsevier and phactMI partner to deliver a medical information solution for healthcare professionals -

Elsevier, the information analytics business specialising in science and health, and phactMI, a non-profit collaboration of pharmaceutical company Medical Information (MI) leaders, will develop a new semantic search portal designed to provide healthcare professionals with scientifically accurate, up-to-date and unbiased information.

The solution, built on Elsevier’s Entellect life sciences platform and due to launch in Q4 2019, will enable users to quickly access the latest approved medical documentation from 30 major pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as relevant information from the FDA, such as standard product labels.

The portal will allow users to search by relevant medical information, so that healthcare professionals will be able to access the most current and accurate information without having to consult multiple sources. The solution intends to provide easy access to the most relevant and current medical information.

Entellect was designed to draw in scientific and medical data from disparate sources, including internal and external siloes, websites, Laboratory Information Management Systems, archives and applications, and collate and re-format that information into a consistent and normalized format. So, even if information from two companies is presented differently, Entellect can gather and normalize it so that it is comparable for users. The platform’s semantic search functionality improves the relevancy of results, returning information relevant to the search term.

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