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Elsevier and WiserCare partner to offer patients personalised shared decision making with trusted, consistent patient information -

Elsevier, the information analytics business specialising in science and health, and WiserCare have entered into a strategic relationship to offer health systems WiserCare's Shared Decision Making (SDM) solution as part of the Elsevier Patient Engagement suite of solutions.

WiserCare's SDM solution helps patients and their families express their values and preferences, review personalised risks and benefits of treatment options, prepare for meetings with clinicians, and make personal healthcare decisions. It helps clinicians better understand their patients' goals and preferences, enabling them to have more productive and satisfying visits. The company has worked with several top health systems to show significant improvements in quality, decision readiness and patient satisfaction.

Elsevier's Patient Engagement solutions engage, educate and empower patients by giving them quick access to the same evidence-based information providers trust, but delivered in interactive, actionable and patient-friendly ways. This turns patients into active participants in their healthcare, not only while they are with their care team but, more importantly, at home where most of their care will take place.

WiserCare helps clinicians deliver personalised healthcare to patients, and is easily configured to fit the practice and workflow of individual clinicians. WiserCare offers an online preference engine that assesses patient goals, preferences and barriers, supplying this information to the clinician in advance of the visit. WiserCare combines this with the evidence and the patient’s clinical information to provide supporting tools for clinicians to guide patients to the option that best fits them.

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