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Elsevier launches interactive digital learning platform, Pageburst -

STM publisher Elsevier, Netherlands, has announced the launch of Pageburst, an interactive digital learning platform for Elsevier health science education content. The Pageburst platform is designed specifically for students of nursing and health profession in North America, who require anytime/anywhere access to course material and utilise texts as reference guides throughout their careers.

Pageburst is built upon easy-to-use and recognisable software tools that allow painless implementation and support for health science educators, students and practitioners seeking superior teaching, learning and clinical outcomes. The platform enables users to master course content quickly and easily by working with their entire collection of Elsevier health science titles in text, video and audio formats and by collaborating online with faculty and classmates within the context of the content.

Accessible offline or online through Elsevier’s Evolve portal, Pageburst is Elsevier’s new platform for accessing a much wider array of features and functionality for its digital textbooks. Fully integrated collaboration tools within Pageburst will help students gain and share knowledge through personal learning networks that connect students, instructors, and user groups directly from within the content. Both students and instructors can embed notes and links directly into textbook content. Additional features include interactive quizzes and activities that can be submitted to an instructor’s virtual grade book.

Pageburst is web-based, so it can be accessed anytime, on any device with a supported web browser. Students can also download their content to their desktop or laptop computers to study offline. More than 550 of Elsevier’s most-used book titles are available on the platform, including Potter’s Fundamentals of Nursing, Chabner’s Language of Medicine, and Lewis's Medical Surgical Nursing.

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