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Elsevier unveils cloud-based patient education platform PatientPassTM in the US -

Elsevier, a global research publishing and information analytics provider, has announced the US launch of PatientPass, a cloud-based patient engagement platform now listed on Epic App Orchard for hospitals and health systems using the Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. PatientPass creates a technology-driven, next-generation patient experience by personalizing educational materials to fit a patient’s literacy ability, language and format, and delivering it directly to their mobile devices via SMS for easy access on the go.

As part of their clinical workflows, clinicians will now be able to share evidence-based education to support their patients’ current conditions and receive insights about patient consumption of the information, which helps clinicians better identify at-risk patients. As clinicians are seeing a higher volume of chronic disease, comorbidities and other complications in their patients, PatientPass will save them time in educating and engaging their patients through the entire journey. Overall, the solution is designed to enhance the partnership between clinicians and patients, so patients are better prepared to effectively manage their own care.

In addition to helping patients and clinicians, PatientPass benefits health system administrators and members of their team, including IT personnel. As a patient education platform that uses SMART on FHIR technology, the solution eliminates the need for manual content uploads and simplifies the data management process. Hospital systems will gain access to key insights into patient usage and how patients interact with the education materials, which allows leadership to achieve organisational goals, such as improving patient experience and outcomes.

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