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EPJ N releases first free article in its ‘Key Summaries’ series -

EPJ Nuclear Sciences & Technologies (EPJ N) has introduced the first free article in its ‘Key Summaries’ series. This ‘Key Summary’ offers an easy to understand description of the topical issue ‘Progress in the Science and Technology of Nuclear Reactors using Molten Salts’ published in EPJ N. The special issue is guest edited by Jan L. Kloosterman, Elsa Merle, and Jean Ragusa and features 10 articles investigating a reactor type that could make nuclear fission both safer and cleaner.

‘Key Summaries’ use non-technical language to help non-experts and other interested groups understand, in this instance, how molten salt reactors (MSRs) can be a safer source of nuclear energy. In 2001, an international forum was established to find the next generation of nuclear power reactors, and MSRs were selected as one of six technologies to explore.

In most nuclear fission reactors, the fuel is a solid. Using a different type of fuel could provide nuclear energy while producing waste that can be stored more safely, for much shorter times, than that of conventional nuclear reactors.’ Another advantage of MSRs is that their fuel can be recycled.

The special issue of EPJ N brings together the most up-to-date findings on molten salt reactors from a range of fields, including chemistry, reactor physics, nuclear materials and fuel-cycle studies.

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