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Ex Libris expands Esploro research information management solution -

Ex Libris, a ProQuest company, has announced the expansion of the Esploro™ research information management solution. The addition of new scholarly information entities for research projects and activities to Esploro will allow a more comprehensive picture of institutional research work and outcomes.

Research information is often siloed, residing in multiple systems and spreadsheets—thus impeding an institution’s grasp of the full scope of research inputs, activities, and outcomes. This fragmented setting may also constitute a significant burden for research office managers, faculty affairs leaders, and researchers, requiring them to spend time on manual data entry and the creation of reports.

With the addition of research projects and activities to the Esploro framework, research information silos are reduced, and the view of institutional research work is expanded. This view can include all the participants, resources, outputs, and grants that are part of a research project; the resulting outputs and achievements; and related activities, such as teaching, clinical work, events that a scholar has organized or participated in, a scholar’s service to the community, and the commercialization of findings.

All data is interconnected in the Esploro research information hub, providing research office and faculty stakeholders with a clear path to the reporting, analysis, and showcasing of research work and its impact.

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