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Ex Libris expands language support for solutions and training materials, strengthening global customer focus -

Library automation and discovery solutions provider Ex Libris has reinforced its commitment to its global customer base by expanding its support for multiple languages across its software solutions and training materials.

Recognizing the importance of enabling customers to interact with their software in their native language, Ex Libris has devoted significant effort to offering multilingual support across its product portfolio. Recent advancements include the addition of Arabic to the list of languages available for Alma and Primo training kits. Customers can now access training and support materials for Alma, Primo, Leganto, and Esploro in various languages, such as Chinese (simplified and traditional), Polish, Welsh, and more. This extensive language support encompasses training kits, user interfaces, and online help resources.

Achieving such comprehensive language support involves substantial investments in time and resources. For instance, the full Alma product alone consists of approximately 70,000 labels, totaling around 180,000 words, which need to be accurately translated. Additionally, translations must be updated monthly to align with Alma's regular releases. To ensure high-quality and precise translations, Ex Libris collaborates with professional translation companies and engages in partnerships with customers who contribute to the translation process.

Ex Libris prioritizes the accuracy and relevance of translations by involving customer user groups in selecting the best translations for certain languages. This collaborative approach ensures that translations are not only linguistically accurate but also suitable for the specific needs and preferences of the local audience.

In addition to software translations, Ex Libris provides training materials, including videos, in multiple languages. This allows customers to watch videos with subtitles and hear voiceovers in their native language, facilitating the learning process and enhancing comprehension of the training content. Moreover, the online help resources in Alma, Primo, and Leganto, available in multiple languages, offer context-sensitive assistance accessible directly from the software interface via the "help for this page" feature.

Ex Libris' investment in translation services and its active engagement with customer user groups highlight the company's dedication to delivering high-quality services tailored to individual customer requirements. By expanding language support and continually updating translations, Ex Libris reinforces its ability to serve national and university libraries, higher education institutions, and organizations worldwide.

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