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Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents journal introduces new features to mark 20th anniversary -

Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents (EOTP), an Informa Healthcare publication, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month. EOTP has for two decades offered a bird’s eye view of the latest advances in the discovery of therapeutically promising molecules.

Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents’ launch aimed at filling a gap in the life science literature by explicitly including patents within the scope of its review articles. Key to a legal system designed to promote innovation, patents provide exclusive rights to the inventor in return for the full disclosure of the invention to the public.

EOTP’s review articles seek to provide shortcut to the essential information by summing up the important scientific content of dozens of patents, putting it into a wider perspective and expressing the authors’ own critical opinion. They not only answer fundamental questions such as ‘what are the structural types of inhibitors?’ and ‘who are the major players in the field?,’ but also go beyond and suggest which compounds are likely to progress to the clinic.

New features have been introduced to the 20th volume of EOTP based on feedback gathered from the advisory boards and readers. The abstract’s structure has been redesigned to better reflect the content of the article. Also, an ‘article highlights’ box has been added to guide the reader through the main points of the paper.

In addition, EOTP will start publishing one to two themed issues in each volume. The first one, guest-edited by Dr Herbert Kirst from the journal’s Editorial Board, will cover anti-bacterials and is due later this year.

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