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FASEB collaborates with society publishers to advocate diversity initiatives for publications -

The Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology (FASEB) has joined forces with the Society Publishers’ Coalition to co-author a groundbreaking report that provides essential guidance to society publishers on tackling diversity and inclusivity issues within their journal programs. Published under the title 'Recommendations for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives for Society Publishers,' the report marks a significant step forward in FASEB's commitment to fostering diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusivity goals within its own journals' publishing processes.

Dr. Darla P. Henderson, FASEB's Director of Open Science and Research Integrity, and Director of Publications, represented the organization as one of the co-authors of the report. Her involvement highlights FASEB's dedication to making substantial progress in cultivating an environment that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive for all stakeholders involved in scholarly publishing.

FASEB's participation in crafting these recommendations has prompted internal reflections on their own processes and policies, with plans to report on progress later in the year. The organization hopes that the guidance offered in this report will serve as a catalyst for fellow society publishers to embark on a thoughtful and transformative journey towards fostering inclusivity and implementing necessary changes.

It is essential to recognize that while the report offers informed views from the authors, it should not be regarded as a definitive guide. Instead, it serves as a set of recommendations designed to ignite broader transformation and bring about positive change.

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