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Frontiers and the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics partner to launch pioneering ‘Brain Mapping and Therapeutics’ section -

Open access publisher Frontiers and the esteemed Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics (SBMT), a renowned biomedical and educational non-profit organization, have embarked on an innovative collaboration to advance the field of brain mapping and therapeutics research.

United by their shared commitment to promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and advancing scientific discovery, Frontiers, and SBMT have joined forces to establish a dedicated platform for researchers, clinicians, engineers, policymakers, and experts from diverse backgrounds.

This collaboration has given rise to the inception of the 'Brain Mapping and Therapeutics' section, set to be integrated into Frontiers in Neurology and Frontiers in Psychiatry. This new section holds tremendous promise in enhancing understanding of brain disorders and their treatment. Leveraging SBMT's expertise in translational research and global neurotech policy, this partnership aims to directly benefit patient care.

The Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics plays a pivotal role in fostering interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration through initiatives such as Neuroscience20, which engages with the G20 summit, including the African Union. SBMT connects a global network of over two hundred and fifty thousand researchers and clinicians, facilitating scientific discovery, education, and translational medicine. The organization's efforts have far-reaching impacts on patient care, spanning conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, various types of brain and spine cancer, neurotrauma, psychiatric disorders, and ophthalmological disorders.

The agreement between Frontiers and SBMT was formalized in August 2023, and the 'Brain Mapping and Therapeutics' section is slated to commence accepting submissions later this year. The section will encompass a wide array of topics, including neurotech policy, neurophotonics, quantum and neuromorphic computing, robotics, nanoneuroscience and nanoneurosurgery, brain-computer interfaces, visual processing, AI-based brain and spinal implants, sensors and stimulators, nanobioelectronics, stem cell and cellular therapy, genomics, and proteomics, among many others.

In addition to publication, submitted works will also be considered for presentation at the SBMT's 21st Annual World Congress, scheduled to take place from March 14th to 17th, 2024, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles, California. This collaborative endeavor between Frontiers and SBMT represents a significant stride toward advancing brain mapping and therapeutics, ultimately benefitting patients and the broader scientific community.

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