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Frontiers implements new policy to combat 'Authorship-for-sale' -

Frontiers, a prominent research publisher, has introduced a comprehensive author policy aimed at curbing instances of 'authorship-for-sale' within its research publications. This term, widely recognized in the industry, refers to the unethical practice of buying or selling authorship on research papers.

Under the new policy, requests for authorship changes will only be approved under exceptional circumstances, following a thorough evaluation by Frontiers' research integrity unit. The policy includes the maintenance of a ledger to track such requests, enabling the identification of suspicious patterns and trends. Notably, Frontiers has already identified and retracted 38 research papers associated with authorship-for-sale practices.

Acknowledging the potential negative impact of authorship-for-sale retractions on authors who genuinely contributed to these manuscripts, Frontiers reaffirmed its commitment to safeguarding the integrity of the scientific record. This issue has been shared with the Committee on Publication Ethics, and Frontiers is open to sharing its investigative methods with other publishers upon request.

The updated authorship policy aligns with Frontiers' ongoing commitment to nurture a culture of academic integrity, responsible authorship, and ethical research practices. The organization remains dedicated to fostering an environment where research quality and authenticity take precedence.

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