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Full-text HTML articles now available on medRxiv -

Scholarly publishing technology provider HighWire has announced that full-text HTML articles will be available to all readers of medRxiv, effective October 19, 2020.

medRxiv, the preprint server for health sciences, is a collaboration between founding organisations Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, BMJ, and Yale University, and designed upon HighWire technology. Building on the success of site bioRxiv, medRxiv launched at the end of June 2019 and has seen rapid growth in both submissions and page views during 2020. The content is free to read and researchers around the world can submit manuscripts without charge. An international group of senior scientists and clinicians assists the management team in ensuring that posted papers fulfill the server’s submission requirements.

By facilitating early dissemination of new findings, medRxiv has played a pivotal role in accelerating research during the COVID-19 pandemic. The provision of full-text HTML for all articles aligns medRxiv with bioRxiv and permits easier reading on mobile devices. A repository of the articles’ XML will be made available for text-and-data mining in the near future. A variety of resources, including APIs and feeds, are already available for sharing metadata.

Manuscripts will continue to be posted in PDF form as soon as they are accepted and simultaneously sent for XML conversion. The full-text HTML for recently posted manuscripts will appear 48-72 hours after the PDF posts. Conversion of the server’s entire back content to XML and HTML is scheduled for completion by the end of 2020.

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