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Fully OA Group members unveil Fully OA blog -

Fully OA Group members JMIR Publications, Frontiers, PeerJ, MDPI, Open Library of Humanities, Copernicus Publications, PLOS, and Ubiquity Press have launched a brand new initiative, the Fully OA blog. The aim of the group and the Fully OA blog is to provide unity, by bringing together a range of different voices and perspectives that share one commitment: full Open Access. While the group shares, in essence, a single aim—a transition to fully open scientific communication—it is a broad church, with differing paths and approaches to achieving that future.

The Fully OA blog will shine a light on projects, people and organizations that are dedicated to OA and work towards removing barriers to a fully OA future. The blog welcomes proposals for contributions from anyone fully committed to OA.

The blog’s launch post shares key perspectives on the future of open: what it looks like, how each organization envisages achieving it, and what barriers may stand in the way:

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