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Gale Digital Scholar Lab adds instructional support, gains customer momentum -

Gale, a Cengage company, is providing digital humanities students and researchers with a streamlined learning experience for building text analysis projects. The company has added instructional support to the Gale Digital Scholar Lab with the launch of its new integrated Learning Center. Now users have a learning framework that provides step-by-step instruction that helps them navigate and learn throughout the Lab’s workflow. This creates an entirely new structure for teaching best practices, research principles and the iterative nature of digital scholarship, in a manner that’s teachable and repeatable, putting research and learning first.

Studies show that methodologies such as text mining and data visualisation are enhancing the teaching and scholarship of humanities at colleges and universities, with libraries often driving the effort. The Gale Digital Scholar Lab’s new Learning Center makes the process more accessible to a variety of users by walking them through the text mining and visualisation workflow.

The Learning Center provides users with a workspace to explore how the Gale Digital Scholar Lab can assist with research projects. Users can navigate the Center to become familiarised with the core stages in the workflow, develop an understanding of common digital humanities terms and find answers to frequently asked questions about the Lab.

Features of the Learning Center include: embedded video tutorials, interactive sample projects, and thinking critically supplement.

Since its launch in September 2018, Gale Digital Scholar Lab has experienced significant growth globally. Over the last year and half, its customer base has more than doubled across five continents. The Gale Digital Scholar Lab is a cloud-based research environment designed to transform the way scholars and students access and analyse Gale primary source materials by offering solutions to some of the most common challenges facing researchers in the digital humanities today. By integrating an unmatched depth and breadth of digital primary source material with some of today’s most popular digital humanities analysis methods, Gale Digital Scholar Lab provides a new lens to explore history and empowers researchers to deepen our understanding of the world and how it is represented in the written word.

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