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GeoScienceWorld’s geoscience journal, Lithosphere, opens for submissions -

GeoScienceWorld (GSW), a non-profit collaborative and comprehensive resource for research and communications in the Earth Sciences, is now inviting submissions to Lithosphere, a community-driven geoscience journal formerly published by The Geological Society of America (GSA), a GSW partner society. Lithosphere will provide a unique publishing choice for authors in the geoscience community, achieved through an alliance between GSW and leading nonprofit societies, including the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), The Geological Society of America (GSA), Geological Society of London (GSL), Mineralogical Society of America (MSA), SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology, Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), and Society of Economic Geologists (SEG).

With the opening of submissions, Lithosphere will now publish research in all areas of earth, planetary, and environmental sciences. The newly appointed editorial board and reviewer base, selected for their expertise across the geosciences, will help guide this expansion. As a community-driven journal, this unique collaboration between prestigious societies and editors in the geosciences provides a home for all scientifically rigorous and valid research, published by highly respected organisations with a proven track record for disseminating high-quality authoritative findings.

Lithosphere will accept submissions for peer review that meet the following criteria: Scientifically rigorous and valid, with observations separated from interpretations, and conclusions supported by data; a useful contribution, that tells us something new, and discussed in the context of existing literature; ethically sound and meeting all applicable research integrity standards; and reproducible with methods, analyses and statistics (as appropriate) detailed sufficiently to be followed.

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