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GigaScience Press and River Valley Technologies’ new journal brings data-centric research to life -

GigaScience Press and River Valley Technologies have announced the launch of their new journal GigaByte: an online open-access, open data journal that allows rapid publication using new custom-built, end-to-end publishing technology. This platform enables accepted manuscripts to be converted to an online and PDF-ready article within a day. The editorial side also adds speed by focusing on publishing short-format data and software centric articles, which greatly reduces researcher writing time, and a questionnaire-style review process to speed peer review. Future plans include an ability to update articles, further reducing writing and review times.

The published articles go beyond the current standard of providing only a stagnant PDF: the online articles incorporate dynamic features that allow readers to directly interact with the research being presented-- turning it into a living document ( Taken together, GigaByte is designed specifically for publishing work done in rapidly changing research that is well-served by available embedded content. GigaByte provides exactly what is needed to release findings, data, and methods crucial to tackle urgent challenges. A perfect example for this is research on the COVID-19 crisis, where constant updates of the latest data and methodological approaches are urgently needed, while providing a balance with peer review and transparency to combat the ‘infodemic’.

The editorial office is now actively seeking submission of original research for the following article types: Data Release and Technical Release articles, which focus, respectively on datasets and software/computational workflow papers. Assessment of submitted articles will focus on whether the data and tools are of general use in broad or specialist communities, that the work is scientifically sound, and that all associated Research Objects (raw and analysed data, software, source code, etc) are open, accessible, and follow best (FAIR) practices for sharing.

The editors encourage potential authors to contact them at to discuss specific needs in their research communities for promoting large-data access, sharing, use, reuse, and reader interaction that GigaByte can provide. Manuscripts can be submitted at

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